Training at GiGse

Training takes place at the Biltmore Hotel, Miami. You will be able to attend one of the 3 training courses below, chosen at the time of booking.


  • Training Pass only (no GiGse Delegate Pass) = $499
  • Training Pass when bought as part of a GiGse Delegate Plus Pass = $299

If you have any queries or would like more information please contact Adam Roebuck via /  +34 662-04-66-89

Digital  Marketing for Land Based Operations

1-day Digital Marketing Masterclass - delivered by Itsik Akiva and Jason ‘Wolf’ Rosenberg on Wednesday, May 30, Prado and Aragon rooms


This one-day workshop looks at factors to consider for land-based operations making effective use of digital channels to promote their activities, with cases and examples from the US and around the world - things you must do, and pitfalls to avoid


It investigates:

  • Digital channels as part of ‘the mix’ – email marketing, use of social media – with examples from US and elsewhere
  • The role of social gaming as part of the mix - social media as advertising and PR channel, how to interact with guests, crisis management – social media as part of the PR plan
  • Integration of digital with other channels
  • The importance of data – digital marketing and CRM

Introducing Sportsbook Management

1-day Sportsbook Management Masterclass - delivered by Lee Richardson on Wednesday, May 30, Prado and Aragon rooms


This one-day workshop looks at factors to consider when a land-based operation seeks to introduce a Sports Book operation.


It investigates:

  • How a sports book functions, what are the critical success factors
  • Essential considerations for initial ‘creation of a sports book’ and early phase development – things you must do, and pitfalls to avoid
  • How they can operate in parallel with other land-based gaming operations with examples from a range of other markets and operators
  • Potential operating models, and important product considerations
  • Routes to customer acquisition, segmentation and retention.

Slot Academy Masterclass

1 day Slot Academy Masterclass - delivered by Lucien Wijsman on Friday, June 1


Lucien will demonstrate the path to an effective slot business and develop your skills and knowledge of which levers and strategies to apply when faced with common challenges of operating successfully.


9.15am - 10.45am   It’s all About the Marketing and the Marketing Mix

Introduction to the extended marketing mix for the services industry, applied to landbased and online casinos.

10:30am – 1pm       What do our customers expect from the product? / Math model of the game

Product expectations of the various types of casino visitors are mainly related to the mathematical model of games. Various mathematical models will be explained.

2pm – 3:30pm         What do our customers expect from promotions? Progressive and mystery prizes explained

Expectations of the various types of casino visitors regarding the use of mystery and progressive prizes. How to use progressive prizes, mystery prizes, and other promotions to best fulfil the expectations of the various casino visitor profiles.

3:45pm – 4:45pm    What do our customers expect from the physical environment and the placement of machines?

The different types of players have different expectations of the physical environment and the layout of the slots floor. How to create a floor that fulfils the expectations of the different types of casino visitor profiles?