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Melissa Blau


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iGaming Capital


Melissa Blau has been in the Online Gaming sector for fourteen years as both an operator and advisor. She is currently the CEO of Veltyco, an iGaming operator and marketing services company as well as the Founder & Director of iGaming Capital, a leading iGaming consulting and advisory company whose clients include commercial and Native American casino operators, state lotteries and gaming suppliers. She is also an active investor/advisor for a number of early stage iGaming, eSports and blockchain companies including SportAD, Funfair.io, Gaimerz, Blackcow Technology, Esports.com, Botgaming, Gaming Protocol and Smart Choice Media. Melissa’s prior experience in the online gaming sector includes senior executive roles at a number of online gaming operators and marketing companies as well as in a banking advisory capacity. Since 2006, Melissa has been the Finance & Business Editor and regular columnist for iGaming Business Magazine where she writes a regular column titled the iGaming Global Index. She is also a frequent speaker at many online gaming events and part of several financial expert networks and in 2013 was the recipient of Women in Gaming’s Entrepreneur of the Year. Since 2010, Melissa has been the Chairman of Clarion’s prestigious semi-annual Start-up Launchpad which has helped accelerate the path of numerous successful companies in the sector. Prior to entering the Online Gaming sector, Melissa was a General Partner and founding member of Constellation Ventures, a $450m media & technology venture capital fund. Melissa has a BA from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from Harvard University.
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