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Joseph Valandra is a member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe of South Dakota. Joe has over 25 years of business experience including an extensive background in capital formation as well as managing public, private and government operations. He is a leading expert in the area of Class II Tribal gaming and economic development. Joe’s experience includes serving as the CEO & Chairman of a large worldwide manufacturer and supplier of bingo and pull-tab gaming products and electronic equipment. This was a world-wide manufacturing and sales driven company with offices in Minneapolis, Omaha, Seattle, McAllen, Reynosa, London, Toronto, Manila, and Johannesburg. Joe served for two years as the Chief of Staff of the National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC) in Washington, DC. Prior to joining the NIGC, Joe held executive positions with a gaming development company and was the Chairman & CEO of a large worldwide manufacturer and supplier of bingo and pull-tab gaming products and related electronic equipment. Using his collective experiences in government, business and gaming, Joe took a lead role in shaping and launching Great Luck, LLC. Great Luck is a venture uniquely focused on the technological development, marketing, and legal deployment of a full suite of Class II iGaming products and services designed to benefit sovereign Indian Nations and affiliate partners. Moreover, Joe is the Founder and Managing Director of LunaticGames.com. LunaticGames.com is an online social entertainment network focusing on building loyalty and traffic for and with tribal-based connections by providing and/or producing unique branded entertainment options. Joe is also the Managing Director of VAdvisors, LLC a specialty advisory firm in Washington, DC. VAdvisors provides consulting services and advice in the following areas: strategic planning, capital development, mergers & acquisitions, crisis management, growth planning, new product development, operational evaluations. The firm also specializes in the areas of American Indian policy and issues focusing primarily on Tribal Government Gaming and related business issues. Joe is a graduate of the University of South Dakota Business School and the University of Minnesota Law School. He treasures spending time with his wife, Kelly, and their three children – Tom, Ben, and Sarah. He is an avid Arsenal soccer fan, enjoys listening to music, and writing poetry.
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