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nQube specializes in the development of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, software, and mathematical models designed to solve challenging data-driven problems in casino gaming and other industries. We are currently focused on slot floor optimization, where we tune the mix of machines on a slot floor to match the preferences of player segments, as determined directly from player tracking data, in order to provide a substantial uplift in theoretical win or net slot revenue. nQube provides detailed and easy to understand recommendations that use a casino’s own data to optimize purchasing decisions, which are tailored to the casino’s specific customer base.

nQube’s spatial models find additional uplift potential by optimizing the arrangement of machines on the slot floor, subject to all required constraints on machine placement.  We take into account the boost or decrement in win due to 1) distinct regions in the casino; 2) the location of each machine relative to features such as entrances, table games, bars, restaurants, etc.; 3) the relative position of each machine on a bank of machines; and 4) preferences of each player segment for busy or isolated environments.

nQube’s core AI technology represents 16+ years of continuous R&D and testing, which has resulted in an extraordinarily powerful and full-featured platform that is well-suited for data-driven problems in the casino industry. New applications are under development to optimize player segmentation and reinvestment strategies for casino marketing offers.