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Skilup Poker


Skilup Poker offers real-money Texas Holdem with cash out legally, through a mobile and web app. Skilup Poker's game feels, looks, and plays the same as the Texas Holdem already in existence --with the only difference is that Skilup Poker users have access to information about hands already played. A great player can lose it all in one sitting, if he/she keeps receiving bad cards –where skill does not have an effect on the outcome. Skilup Poker solves this problem with its new system, which was patented and built so US poker players can enjoy Texas Holdem online (mobile) for money, and to introduce to the world the skill poker concept where the outcome is determined by the skill of the players, and not by chance. Skilup Poker's team is located in the Bay Area and comes with decades of experience in the gaming/gambling industry encourages users to learn more about this new app (and launch date) at