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Poker Industry PRO is the industry-leading news and analysis service from online poker experts. Every day industry insiders use Poker Industry PRO to keep up to date with the online poker industry. Our clients includes poker room managers, journalists, regulators, investors and analysts, affiliates and marketers. We offer unrivalled industry coverage; publishing more articles on the online poker industry than anyone else, covering everything from industry changes, regulatory progress, poker room updates, promotions and tournaments. With writers on three continents, we publish around the clock to make sure you're never behind the latest developments.  Our exclusive weekly columns keep you abreast of all the latest in the online poker industry and we don't just rewrite press releases. We offer original reporting, exclusive features and in-depth analysis of the industry. Our bespoke web platform works great on smartphones, tablets and desktops allowing you to stay on the go and keeping up to date with business news that matters to you.