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LaunchPad Finalist

Play the Field

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Play the Field™ gamifies casino resort destinations with augmented reality (AR) experiences that engage entertainment customers and generate measurable results.
Created for a new kind of casino customer, Play the Field™ is made for people who engage with their environment, and one another, through their phones.
Our first-in-market AR player engagement platform, has been created for the casino industry. It is an interactive augmented reality game for casino patrons with an enterprise backend that connects mobile activity with real-world rewards and benefits through the casino’s loyalty program.
Casino operators grab more wallet share:
•      Casual customers stay longer and try more activities with an AR treasure hunt and other short-interactive games.
•      Drive incremental visits.
•      Attract net-new guests.
•      Track conversion from the mobile game to casino games, dining, retail, and more.
•      Operators control offer value and frequency based on their points economy.
•      Uses blue-tooth beacons: no integration with casino management systems or secure networks.
•      Detailed reporting on rewards earned and redeemed.
•      Monthly fees based on the size of property and number of amenities.
Mobilize the legion of social, connected, experience-seeking consumers. Play the Field™: gain the power to move millennials and eGamers.

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