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LaunchPad Finalist

Inside Injuries

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Executive Summary
Inside Injuries is a data analytics company that combines sports medicine with statistical modeling to predict the impact of injuries on player performance. The company caters to sports fans, fantasy sports players, sports betters, and those companies with financial interests in professional sports.

Value Proposition
Sports fans, fantasy players, sports betters, and those companies with a financial interest in professional sports do not have a credible source of injury information today.
‣ Information is fragmented, not consistent
‣ Teams tend to downplay, delay or exaggerate injury information, depending on the situation
Fantasy players and those with a financial interest in games place high value on any credible information that gives them an “edge”. Inside Injuries data and analysis provides credible, easy to understand, and actionable data to consumers, sports media companies, fantasy sports platform enterprises and gaming industry companies.

How Our Algorithm Works
Inside Injuries collects professional athlete data from a multitude of publicly available information sources and news sites several times each day. The Inside Injuries data team cleans, verifies and structures the data in our internal database. Once inserted into our database, the injury specific data is analyzed, translated into medically relevant terms, and each injury is assigned a severity level. Our proprietary algorithm then processes the player specific data, injury data, and other relevant data points to produce an Injury Risk, and a Health Performance Projection for all NFL, NBA and MLB players. We are on schedule to launch Soccer coverage this fall. We also publish a Healthy to Return Date for all players who are currently suffering from an injury. Today, we publish these key metrics on our website and mobile app. For those who would like more detailed information, Inside Injuries also publishes article analysis of well known athletes who have been injured.

Current Revenue Model
Today, Inside Injuries has three sources of revenue. First, we have incorporated the option for consumers to purchase premium content within our free mobile app. The premium content includes data points such as, health expert fantasy advice, offensive line health, defensive squad health, basketball quickness, fast ball velocity, batter power, etc. Second, we have data licensing and revenue share agreements in place with our business partners. Third, Inside Injuries has enabled advertising on the company website and mobile app. The Inside Injuries Team is working to aggressively grow revenue on all three fronts.

Highlighting Our Accuracy
We continue to perform validation and accuracy analyses on our data. The most recent highlights regarding the accuracy of our key statistics for the NFL season are outlined below:

  • 80% of NFL players Inside Injuries rated as “Poor” Health Performance Factor, didn’t play in their next game
    • Of the 20% of players who did play in their next game, 61% under-performed (vs. their projected fantasy points)
  • 80% accuracy rate for players Inside Injuries rated as “High” Injury Risk and “Poor” Health Performance Factor at the start of season:
    • 80% missed at least 25% of the season
    • 75% missed at least 50% of the season