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Operational since 1995, Don Best Sports Corporation (DBSC) is considered the leading provider of real-time odds pricing and associated data services and solutions for North American sports events and competitions to established and regulated businesses in the global land-based and remote sports betting industry. 

Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, and with an ancillary office based in Vancouver, British Columbia, the Company delivers accurate and critical sports and betting line information through it’s 50 full-time employees (primarily consisting of sports data analysts and odds traders). Don Best’s key focus is on the creation, management, compilation and electronic distribution of sports information pertaining to North American sports events.

The Company provides complete and market-leading Pre-Match and In-Play Odds Pricing and Risk Management services covering all North American Sports events. To facilitate this, DBSC operates the only full-service, dedicated Trading Floor in the United States.
Partners stand to gain a considerable market advantage by potentially engaging Don Best to provide envisioned specialist services focusing on and maximizing North American wagering events.
Additionally, particular emphasis is placed on the cross-referencing and verification of industry-critical game information we filter and/or create.  Examples of such information includes, though is not limited to: event scheduling, event identification, creation and sourcing of proprietary and/or third party lines and associated propositional wagers (props) by type, market and (line) movement(s), team lineups, player injuries, game start and end times, game scores by period and scoring event, scoring player and other critical statistical and line updates.
Key products and services provided by the Company are as follows:
•      DBS Proprietary Pre-Match & In-Play Trading and Pricing Services
•      DBS XML Data Feeds Services (Schedules, Scores & Lines from (third party) sources)
•      DBS Odds and Sports Information Software Applications (The Don Best ‘Screen’ Data service)
•      DBS Sports Integrity Services (servicing select North American Leagues)
•      DBS Handicapping Services
•      DBS Rotational Schedule Publication
In addition, Don Best offers tailored and ongoing strategic consultancy services to respected global clients, with a view to training (trading) staff as well as providing value-added insights into pre-match and in-play odds compilation and market creation.
Effectively, the Company always acts as a custodian for the proper and timely delivery of the valuable information on which the client relies – often in real-time.
Our clients and stakeholders make use of our services as we are considered a leader in the North American sports information category and provide accurate and dependable sports information not always provided or fully supported by some of our competitor services. We arguably provide the most in-depth coverage in our field owing to our experienced and broad support team and this is we attract a global clientele in addition to our North American-based partners. There is no comparable business in the North American market in terms of what Don Best does today.