LaunchPad Finalist



Bookee is a mobile sports betting app using technology to create a simple, personal & fun customer experience. We curate individual personalized sports bets for the recreational gambler and provide them a single instinctive binary action for each bet - swipe right to place a bet or left to discover a new one.
Bookee was created to solve a problem. UK betting companies, traditionally viewed as forward-thinkers in the industry, actually address mobile as an afterthought by replicating their desktop websites for a smaller screen.  As on a desktop, bettors review odds and decide which bets to take and at what level of stake.  This represents a clunky user experience, with no call-to-action.  Moreover, by addressing mobile in this way, the established companies are failing to nurture the very personal relationship that mobile offers.
Bookee is a native iOS & Android application built with React Native; this gives the application the ability to have a first-class customer experience through a unique user-interface, as opposed to the wider industry that users web applications with native wrappers. Bookee is powered by proprietary software both on the client side and server side. This gives total flexibility on how the front-end, user-facing side of the application is built and manifested.