Beacon Line


Beacon Line is a young brand with big knowledge, based on the parent company. Especially experience in developing, manufacturing and supplying electronic modules, devices and systems since 1988.
Our long-term availability policy and commitment to direct support is the perfect base for successful embedded computing solutions. We are specialized in the development of energy efficient systems, ARM technology and Linux. Our product lineup includes computer-on-modules, single board and panel computers, the automation system gpio.net and signal converters.

It's our corporate mission to serve our customers with innovative solutions. Whether you need small modifications to existing hardware or a completely new development. Beacon Line will engage our expertise and long years of experience to guide your product from idea through prototypes to mass production – even for big and small orders.

At Beacon Line we’ve made security and quality to our number one priorities. We’re able to fulfill your hardware, software and production requirements from a single source, meeting the highest industrial standards and guaranteeing a long service life for our products. Our customers have been placing their trust in our experience and quality, and we deliver our products and solutions to engineering companies and renowned corporations around the world.