Social Casino Summit

Taking social casino games to the next level: real-money convergence, brand partnerships, cross-platform and cross-product integration

With social casino games monetizing five times better than other social games, whether on Facebook or other online and mobile platforms, the opportunity is the lucrative one, but the market is getting very crowded.

Join the early adopters, established leaders and new comers in the social casino space at this inaugural Social Casino Summit and:

  • Bring the ‘social’ to social casino – take your games to the next level with more sophisticated game design and enhanced virality features
  • Transform your games so they offer a truly cross-platform and cross-product experiences
  • Learn what works in real casino properties to keep players engaged and loyal – could these lessons help you build games that will retain customers better?
  • Crack the social sportsbetting challenge and tap into the lucrative male demographic
  • License well recognized brands to create branded games, tap into new customer bases and increase customer loyalty
  • Understand the business case for social and real-money gaming converge – is there really a proven case for player conversion
  • Assess the real-money gaming opportunity to understand whether you should exploit it through a partnership or on your own
  • Find inspiration to innovate by listening to the start-ups pitching in the Start-up LaunchPad
  • Network with real-money gaming operators and suppliers – find partners for your foray into the real-money gaming world
  • Understand the future of regulated internet gaming in the USA by attending the co-located GiGse – learn about the regulatory landscape and network with the US casino industry and the worldwide iGaming sector to explore what partnership and acquisition opportunities there are for your social gaming operation

The newly launched Social Casino Summit will share the networking areas and social events with GiGse to allow for the two industries to mix and explore synergies and partnerships between one another. A combined pass for both GiGse and the Social Casino Summit is available - click here to register your place.

I found that the engagement and interaction of the open space concept was what has been missing in the many conferences I attend Valerie Spicer , Arizona Indian Gaming Association: